Electronic heaven of CIS: air freight forwarding of communicators to Kazakhstan


air freight of value cargoIt is hard to imagine now the line of mobile handsets without communicators combining the functionality of the phone with the computer. We got used to have with us this compact gadget which is opening gates to the wide world with one touch of fingertip. So it is nothing of the astonishing that sales volume of communicators leaves behind the sales volume of all other portable devices. and CIS are also in trend lines: the sales volume of communicators is growing and the freight traffic of them is growing also.

Only within the first half of 2012, Delivery World has forwarded several big lots of communicators of the leading world vendors to Kazakhstan upon request of our regular customers – distributors of High-Tech products. Completely Russified devices were packed according to the rules of transportation of the value cargo covered with steel mesh, preventing from penetration and theft. All lots were arrived to the point of destination successfully. Now, the businessmen and advanced young people of Kazakhstan have the possibility of buying the newest communicators and being in the same trend line with the users of High-Tech production.
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