Deep Waters: Delivering Diving Equipment and Gear from Seattle and Los Angeles


Discoverer’s passion could start fading if it was not for activities that are popular today, like diving. Without exaggeration, one entering underwater world founds himself in a fairy tale. We see stunning beauty of fishes, colorful coral riffs that seem magic, and can even find ships and even cities that drowned centuries ago. Modern photo and video equipment allows divers to bring this magic world to reality, and make their friends cry with jealousy. Yet, adrenaline always borders with danger.

Underwater world is another alien world, having its own rules. News often report of accident caused by lack of knowledge or lack of understanding of safety rules.

Temperature and pressure fluctuate under the water, and require quality equipment and gear that are required not to turn diving into “mortal hobby” as often referred in mass media. All the necessities can be found in designated stores, where the newbies can always get professional advice.

In the end of January Delivery World shipped diving equipment and gear (flippers, breathing devices, and wetsuits) from Seattle and Los Angeles . Our regular customer is finalizing customs formalities, and soon the delivered goods will be available in the designated shops of the n capital.

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