Say “Cheese”: Dental Equipment from Seoul


Teeth are the only part of the human body that does not regenerate, and the tooth pain is one of the worst pains known to everyone. Probably that is why dentistry appeared before many other fields of the medicine.

Dentistry was known even in the Ancient Egypt. Digging in Egypt revealed evidences of dental implantation of that era. Technology used in the ancient implants is similar to the modern dental bridge, and were made of precious metal. Dental implants were also known in Europe, even before Roman Empire.

Since teeth have only one life, the nature has made it very strong. There is so much calcium in the teeth, that its strength can be compared to some types of steel. This allows enamel to withstand external influences, food acids, and stay undamaged whole human life.

During thousand years of its existence dentistry made huge step forward and high competition in the production industry makes it enhance and develop every day. South Korea is known all over the world as manufacturer of quality cosmetics and medicines, its nationals give careful attention to their health, and visit to hairdresser or dentist can even become a gift from church to its members.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped lot of dental equipment from Seoul . The customer is finalizing customs proceedings, and soon the delivered dental equipment will start working in dental clinics of the n capital.

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