A medical novelty: delivery of the newest dental production from the USA


Transportation of medical equipment and consumables is one of the business activities of our company. Air freight forwarding of such cargos is very popular because the parties have small volume and need to be delivered fast. For example, we make on a regular basis deliveries of medicine equipment and consumables for cardiovascular surgery from the USA. At the beginning of the spring of 2012 we received a request from one of the new customers, a distributor of medicine production, for delivery of special membranes of the recent development, which are used in implantology, maxillofacial surgery and general dentistry. The solution for fast air freight from the USA with reasonable rates has been found within the shortest time. The membranes arrived on time and safely. 
Delivery World also provides delivery of dangerous goods such as chemical matters which require special terms of transportation. For example, we have already informed you about delivery of ethylene oxide which is used for medical sterilizers.
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