High polymeric substance for metallurgic engineering: Delivery of dangerous goods from Japan


Delivery World provides air freight forwarding services from Japan more than 10 years. We deliver all kind of cargos, and dangerous goods are among them. One of our regular customers has required not long ago an air freight of high polymeric substance from Tokyo to Yekaterinburg. This polymeric material belongs to class 9 according to IATA Dangerous Goods’ Classification. It is used in foundry for producing casting-forms.
There is an important fact in transporting dangerous cargo of such kind: one package must be not more than 100 kg, otherwise the transportation by passenger aircraft is prohibited. And this can affect the speed of delivery. Delivery World’s logistic specialists coped with this task in shortest time and perfectly.  The cargo was packed according to the regulation of dangerous goods transportation and arrived to Yekaterinburg airport without accidents and on time.
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