Another Harvest: Cucumber Seeds from Bucharest


Cucumbers originated in India and have been under cultivation for at least 3000 years. From India, the pant was introduced into China and then into the West. Both the Greeks and the Romans knew and grew the cucumber. With the possible exception of some gherkins grown in the West Indies, they were not indigenous to the New World, but they quickly became popular after the European explorers introduced them. Benjamin Watson in his book Heirloom Vegetables states, “In 1535 Jacques Cartier mentioned seeing large cucumbers being grown in what is now Montreal, and in 1539 DeSoto found Indians in Florida growing cucumbers that were ‘better than those of Spain’.” In a 1848 Catalogue, it was described as 3 varieties, two principally used for pickling (then the most popular use for cucumbers) and one used for slicing.

Cucumbers are usually classified as either pickling or slicing varieties, but many varieties can be used as both. The fruits vary enormously in size and shape, but the color is usually a shade of green – from dark to the palest greenish white. Lemon cucumbers, however, are streaked with bright yellow.

In the end of July Delivery World shipped lot of cucumber seeds from Bucharest. Such type of cargos requires strict observation of weather conditions, any fluctuations in temperature or humidity mode may lead to its full loss. Delivery World monitors every stage and step of cargo handling and shipment, and ensures that every point of instructions is unconditionally observed. 

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