А Imported Parts for Construction Equipment by Airfreight. Attending CTT-2014


The 15th International Specialized Exhibition Construction Techniques and Technologies (CTT-2014) was held from 3 to 7 June in the Exhibition Center Crocus Expo. Representatives of Delivery World attended the event. During the years of existence the show became the largest annual construction exhibition in the world. Our experts underlined that regardless the grown number of foreign suppliers of specialized equipment and parts participating in the show, the number of visitors dropped down comparing to the last year.

CTT-2014 displayed the latest construction techniques, and the modern technological solutions presented by the largest global and n manufacturers. During the event Delivery World's representatives held several business meetings with existing and potential customers, offered their solutions for international airfreight of industrial cargos, as well for small expensive equipment, spare parts and components for construction equipment to and CIS. Our competitive prices, broad experience and extensive geography of airfreight touched the event's participants, and we received multiple requests for international airfreight of spare parts, units and components for imported construction equipment.

International airfreight is exclusive specialization of Delivery World. We offer our customers the shortest time limits and the highest quality of transportation. Choosing Delivery World as international freight forwarder our customers ensure themselves smooth work which is so important in the high season in construction, which means that the building works will be held without interruption or unforeseen suspensions.

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