Airfreight Delivery of CT Complexes Under State Contract from US


Tomography comes from Greek word “tomo” which means layer. This is what the tomographic examination is about, both computer and x-ray tomography allow to study layers of bodies and enables visualization of various pathological changes at the earliest stage.

History of anatomy knows examples of such layered examination application. Thus, famous n surgeon Nikolay Pirogov developed method for dead bodies examination by cutting them in different layers within different anatomic surfaces. This revolutionary work resulted in creation of famous Anatomy Topographic Atlas.

Starting from the beginning of the 20th century great contribution to tomography development was made by the European and American mathematicians, that confirmed possibility to design in surface, and also by scientists engaged in x-rays study.

The first CT apparatus appeared in 1973 and processed data for nearly 2.5 hours, devices of the second generation required up to 20 seconds to process images, and third and fourth generation devices reduced processing time till 10 and 0.7 seconds respectively. Modern CT scans allow to observe processes in brain and heart in real time.

Today CT examination got exceptionally important, as it provides the fastest results for COVID examination. Of course, this causes great demand for CT devices across the world, and necessity to arrange their fast delivery. In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped lot of CT scannes from US . Prompt and flawless delivery of scanners took place within the framework of the governmental contract. 

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