COVID-19: Delivering Tests from Europe, China, Korea and USA


World keeps fighting new type of coronavirus, COVID-19. The virus that had taken thousands of lives across the world remains not defeated. We first heard of it in December 2019.

Chinese Authorities reported to WHO of human death in Wuhan, Hubei, caused by new respiratory disease of unknown origin.

New type of coronavirus initially taken as local epidemy in China and its neighboring states, shortly spread across the world. It took few days to cross Chinese borders, and spread across the globe threatening health and lives of people in different ends of the world. COVID-19 was declared pandemics.

Dozens of states in the world applied utmost efforts to prevent and to combat coronavirus. Shortly, COVID-19 became central issue for the global community.

In the end of January, Delivery World shipped several lots of coronavirus tests from Europe, China, Korea and USA. Unfortunately, since the virus remains undefeated, we arrange such deliveries nearly on regular basis. 

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