The Best Defense: Face Masks by Airfreight from Japan to Tashkent


Goods with “Made in Japan” label are considered the best and the most wanted by the buyers. And this is absolute truth; Japanese goods are known for their long service life, most precise and reliable devices.

When the war with the Nazi Germany was over, the country greatly affected by afterwar chaos and great economic crisis was managed by Americans. This was when specific Asian management system that allowed Japan to reach today’s indexes started to form. Japanese carefully studied American business model when the country was in ruins, and added traditional Japanese methods of before war state, formed their unique development model.

Constant development of the system in after war years, implementation of the latest technology, and unprecedented Japanese workability, goal orientation, and persistence in new achievements, and progress, have formed Japanese business concept model, that allowed Japan in a time to take leadership over USA in economic development. Japanese model served base for formation of management model in South Korea, and Korean goods are also highly valued across the world due to its high quality.

Today, when everyone of us lives under constant threat of COVID-19, high quality means of individual protection become exceptionally important. In the middle of July Delivery World has shipped lot of protective face masks from Japan to Tashkent. Uzbekistan just like most of the world is fighting COVID pandemics, and this consigment might become considerable help in prevention of spread of the virus in the country. 

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