From Cote D’Azure: Cosmetics from Nice by Airfreight


Decorative and medical cosmetics were known even in Ancient Egypt. Papyruses keep notes on black powder used as eyeliner, facial powder, blushes, shades, creams, masques, and oils used by the beauties of Ancient Egypt.

Cosmetologists as profession appeared in Ancient Greece, where someone called “cosmet” helped women to remove (or to hide) imperfections of their skin.

In Ancient Rome cosmetics was of such importance, that the Senate had to adopt the law limiting its importation from Arabian states, India, and China, not to cause greater damage to the treasury of the country.

Despite of extremely negative view on cosmetics of the Christian Church, it was very popular in Europe. Centuries long France remains the world recognized leader in fashion, cosmetics, and perfume production. So where else one can buy cosmetics made by world-known manufacturers or quality handmade pieces made using Provence herbs, lavender, olives, and natural oils?

In March Delivery World shipped lot of cosmetics from Nice . This kind of cargos require exception attention, precise execution and compliance with all requirements to transportation, as any minor temperature or humidity fluctuations, and even sun rays impact may cause loss of the goods. This work can only be handled to those you trust. That is why the customer has chosen Delivery World; for years of work our company established itself as reliable partner giving utmost care to every shipment.

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