«Ambulance» from Delivery World



The outbreak of the mysterious coronavirus has began in Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019. The virus was later classified as 2019-nCoV and named COVID-19. Nowadays, this virus is registered in dozens of countries around the world. All over the world, precautions are being stepped up because of the new virus and now express air freight services from Delivery World are more relevant than ever.

Due to the current global situation with the pandemic, our company now acts as an “ambulance” for its customers, delivering urgent medical supplies by air from Europe to Asia, the United States and the Persian Gulf countries.

The most frequently transported goods at the moment are medical masks and materials for their manufacture, respirators. Also, Delivery World is doing airfreight of virus blockers, various antibacterial products and disinfectant gels, tests for detecting coronavirus cases, artificial lung ventilation devices and other necessities for limiting the virus, identifying it and fighting against it.

Nowadays Delivery World is actively receiving orders for medical goods transportation and we are always ready to assist our customers with air freight of items which require special transportation conditions in the shortest possible time frame.

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