Modern Community Base: Consumer Electronics Delivery


Electronics are integral part of the modern community's life. One cannot imagine his day without it now. Daily routine work, phone calls, Internet communication and even reading a book often means usage of electronic devices.

Most consumer electronics presented on the n market today is produced abroad; therefore its delivery is our customer's concern. Most often electronics are delivered from from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.

In the beginning of March our company again delivered for our regular customer 4 tons lot of consumer electronics consisting of mobile phone, communicators, photo and video cameras, and e-readers. The airfreight was carried from Los Angeles (California) complying with all necessary formalities for transportation and exactly in time.

Airfreight of consumer electronics is one of the key expertises of our company. For more than 10 years the volume of such cargos are one of the largest in total airfreight performed by Delivery World. We promptly deliver these goods to suppliers and distributors excluding any interruptions in their work.

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