Technical Support: Computer Parts from US and China


Perforation calculation machines were invented by Herman Holerith in the USA in the end of the 19th century. Punch cards were used in it to store digital data.

Each such machine could perform only one specific program, manipulating punch cards and numbers punched on them.

Perforation calculating machines performed punching, sorting, addition, and printing digital tables. Such machines allowed solving multiple standard problems of statistic processing, accounting, and etc.

Holerith formed company producing perforation calculation machines, that was lately reorganized to currently the most famous world computer producer IBM.

By 1930th largely developing relay automation allowed to encode information in binary mode. Thousands of relays switch during work of relay machine from one position to another. Radio equipment kept rapid development in the first half of the 20th century. Electronic vacuum lamps were basic element of radio receivers and radio transmitters in that time. Electronic lamps formed first technological basis for the first electronic computing machines, and first such machine appeared in the USA in 1945.

In the end of June Delivery World shipped several lots of computer parts from the USA and China . Fragile cargo consisting of hard drives, mother boards, power sources and adapters could only be handled by the company with unlimited trust. That is why our customers again and again chose Delivery World, as years long experience in arrangement of delivery of any types of cargos serves utmost guarantee of timely and safely delivery of each piece of consignment.

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