Visiting the exhibition CommunicAsia-2013


Delivery World’s delegation visited one of the largest information and communication exhibitions in South-East Asia - CommunicAsia-2013, which was held from 18 to 21 June 2013 in Singapore. As a part of the  exhibition was also held CommunicAsia Summit, which highlighted key products of ICT industry, promising new items and case-studies of global and local players of the ICT market.

 Air delivery of telecommunication equipment, including infrastructure equipment is one of the key specialties of our company, so the event of such level is in the sphere of our interests. The representatives of Delivery World had series of three-party talks, which were attended by vendors and potential customers from . Our company is on the list of trusted forwarders of 15 biggest global ICT market vendors who recommend us as a reliable freight forwarder to their customers from and the CIS.

Previously, we have reported on the visit of the representative of ICT forums as CES-2013 and CeBIT-2013. To learn more about our solutions for air delivery of goods, please, enter here.

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