Colombian Pride: Coffee Beans by Airfreight from Colombia


Colombia is famous for growing some of the best coffee beans in the world; the plants thrive under the shade of banana trees in the tropical climate. Because of Colombia’s high altitude, it also shapes the way the bean grows.

While the country produces a crazy amount of coffee, it actually exports a lot of the beans.

Colombian tropical climate is one of the best climates for coffee growth, and Colombian coffee produces a specific type of bean that results from the environment. Colombia gets heavy rainfall and the landscape never gets close to falling below freezing temperatures at any time of the year. There are about 600,000 coffee growers in Colombia, in other words over 50,000 families are engaged in coffee production, and most of them pick the beans by hand.

In the end of July Delivery World shipped lot of the finest Colombian coffee beans by airfreight. Tightest time lines can become problem for any other, but not for Delivery World. Years of experience, exceptional expertise, perfectly set processes and procedures, and attention of our team to every details guarantee that no matter what your goods will be always in time.

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