Gold of Madagascar: Chocolate from Madagascar


Cacao beans and vanilla are often called gold of Madagascar. One of the best cacaos grows in Sambirano river valley in Madagascar.

For centuries Criollo, the sort that received its name from Spanish colonist, was the only one harvested in Madagascar. Its beans have incredible taste and aroma, but are few and sensitive. Forastero sort appeared later, it is very fruitful, not fussy, resistant to diseases. With rich harvest that is enough for all sweet lovers, its taste is not as rich as the taste of Criollo.

In 1970th UN decided to plant Sambirano valley with Trinitario sort that was discovered by Spanish in the middle of the 18th century in Trinidad. This turned Sambirano to the motherland of the best cacaos in the world – Madagascar Sambirano. The name of the valley became the name of quality, and its always mentioned on luxury chocolate grades.

In the beginning of October Delivery World shipped lot of cacao from Madagascar to Moscow. Despite of urgency of the shipment, the tastiest delivery was delivered safely and in time. Cold season in is just behind the corner, and what can be better a cup of hot drink with a piece of the best chocolate in the world?

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