Repair Your Cart in December, in July your Sledge remember – Shipping Climate and Cooling Equipment


4 to 6 February of this year Moscow hosted the 4th International Specialized Exhibition of refrigerating equipment, climate control and heating pumps Chillventa 2014*. Representatives of Delivery World attended the event which is considered important and solid base for business communication in the sphere of cooling, climate and heating pumps in and CIS.

For many years Delivery World performs airfreight of spare parts and separate units for industrial refrigerating systems as well as for air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, therefore attending Chillventa 2014 opened beneficial perspectives and opportunities for setting up new partnership relations for Delivery World. The event turned really useful and international as well with exhibitors from Europe, Asia and USA.

Our representatives took part in the scientific and business conference Refrigeration industry under the conditions of industrial and infrastructural development in and touched the issue of complicity and peculiarities of spare parts and units shipment for industrial refrigeration equipment which is important to many conference participants. The issue caused stormy discussions. Delivery World was happy to provide professional answers to all raised questions that gained great attention of representatives of several large companies.

During the two fruitful days of direct negotiations held by representatives of Delivery World resulted in establishing large business network and setting ways for cooperation with refrigeration industry companies.

*Event's organizers used the most successful concept of the Nurnberg Chillventa. First held in 2008 the event gained trust of international community professionals.

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