Magic Chia Seeds from Argentina


The people living in the big city keep looking for new ideas of healthy and ecologically safe nutrition. Healthy nutrition shops are being opened everywhere, and the new goods having amazing list of useful properties appear on the market to meet the growing demand. Chia – the magic cereal culture coming from the New World gets more and more popular.

Chia, also known as Spanish Clary comes from Central and South Mexico, but nowadays it is widely cultivated in many countries of the Southern Half-Globe. It was the main food and the source of strength for Inks, Maya and Aztec Indians.

During the last few years Chia seeds promptly passed the way from being known only to historians and became panacea. It is extremely useful as it is the perfect source of anti oxidants, contain five times more calcium then milk, and twice of proteins of any other seeds and cereals. Now the seeds of this plants are widely used to fight obesity. It may sound impossible, but this little seeds, that may resemble small beans by the way it looks, when mixed with water or inside the stomach absorb 12 times more liquids then its own weight. This makes one feel not hungry, removes the desire for junk food, helps to get rid of unnecessary calories, and assists in correct work of digestive system. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, required for daily nutrition ratio. This product allows to lower the blood pressure, and to stabilize the level of sugar in blood.

In January, on request of our customer, Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of Chia seeds from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to St. Petersburg. Our company has been chosen as reliable and well known international forwarder delivering various complex cargo from anywhere in the world and CIS.

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