Chemical Reaction. Delivery World on Chemical Industry Exhibition “CHEMPEC Europe 2015”


For two days (24 and 25 June) German Koln was welcoming the guests and participants of the chemical industry exhibition “CHEMSPEC Europe 2015”.CHEMSPEC Europe is the leading European exhibition of fine chemistry, pharmaceutics, and special species.

The event is held annually starting from 1986, and the venues rotate among different cities in Europe. The scale of CHEMSPEC Europe of this year reached unprecedented height with about 400 participating companies from 30 countries, and over 5,000 visitors from 50 countries from all over the world.

The latest innovations of the light chemical industry such as the latest agrochemical materials, bio-technologies, catalyzers, cosmetics and toiletries, paints and pigments, organic materials, peptides and proteins, pharmaceutical ingredients, photographic chemicals, chemical items for reprography, and etc. were presented on the exhibition. The participants of the show were not limited to representatives of the chemical industry only. Its guests included the professionals from pharmaceutical, agrochemical, perfume and cosmetics, bio-technological, textile, printing and paper industries, service providers and manufacturers.

This year the framework of the show included the specialized forum ChemSource, which is the leading event in contractual production and services. Industry conferences and dedicated seminars were held together with CHEMSPEC Europe 2015.

Delivery World professionals were among the guests CHEMSPEC Europe 2015. They took active part in the business program of the exhibition, attended the conference for the problems of agrochemical industry, and two-day symposium, dedicated to control and distribution of the chemical goods. Several contracts were concluded during exhibition, including the contracts for airfreight of perfumes and cosmetics from Japan, medical goods from Holland, and pharmaceutical materials from Germany. The new partners chose Delivery World for our experience in airfreight of the various complicity cargo, including chemical industry products.


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