Tomorrow Innovations. Delivery World on the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2015 in Las Vegas


Life does not stop and the people wish to change the surrounding world, and to improve their reality, making it more comfortable, diversified, and pleasing. For the first four days (6 to 9 January), those shaping the future gathered on the International Consumer Electronics Show International CES- one of the largest global events in electronics sphere. Each year in January the electronics manufacturers from all over the world gathered in the world leisure and recreation capital Las Vegas (USA) to display the latest achievements in innovations and to show the world the incredible developments that may change our world forever.

Delivery World representatives also attended International CES 2015. The incredible first ever scaled show this year gathered over 3,500 exhibitors under one roof, and during the time it was held the show was attended by over two hundred thousand guests. The participants of the International CES 2015 included content developers, providers, entrepreneurs dealing in electronics, start-ups and professionals in the industry novelties, and the representatives of the US governments and multiple mass media. The show presented the latest novelties in the sphere of automobile electronics, medical equipment and remote controlled techniques, gaming equipment, and 3D printers, and many latest fashion devices such as devices able to recognize the mood of its owner.

International company Delivery World performs airfreight of electronics, digital equipment, and techniques from anywhere in the world and CIS. For us it is important to comply with the trends, and to follow all novelties in technologies. Such exhibitions as International CES 2015 allow us to find new customers and to meet existing partners and to understand their needs.

Within the framework of the show Delivery World Representatives attended several forums and presentations enlightening all the latest trends of the digital world, and opening the new horizons of the coming day. International CES 2015 allowed us to attract new customers from North America and Asia, we offered them favorable terms, shortest timelines, and wide geography of deliveries.

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