Unknown Technologies: Delivery World on the Information Exhibition CeBIT 2015


16 to 20 March Delivery World attended the telecommunications and information exhibition CeBIT 2015 in the German Hannover. The CeBIT exhibition is the largest international ground presenting the last trends, and the most important events in the digital industry. For the last 30 years thousands of suppliers and users from all over the world gather on CeBIT in the beginning of spring.

With growth of the Internet importance in our life, computer, server, and network technologies attract more and more attention, turning this show into remarkable business event. Hanover's CeBIT was recognized as the most bright event in the global information and telecommunications technologies market. For five days of the exhibition one could see the latest products of the leading companies, achievements of the smaller developer's teams, and witness technological breakthrough made by the talented entrepreneurs.

The motto of this year's CeBIT created by its organizers was the new word "d!company" (comes from the English words "digital" and "economy"). CeBIT organizers consider the new word to be the best match describing rapid implementation of the digital technologies into all spheres of economics and social life. Over 600 Chinese technological companies that took active part in the show this year became another trend of the event. Total number of the guests and participants of the show exceeded 200,000 people, and the total number of exhibitors representing 70 countries was more than 6,000.

Within the framework of the show Delivery World's representatives got acknowledged with the main novelties of the global digital markets, visited conference dedicated to the developing strategies in terms of the global economics, and held business meetings with existing and potential customers.

On CeBIT Delivery World entered into the contracts for airfreight delivery of consumer electronics, and telecommunication technologies, including computer equipment, tablets, mobile devices, LED and LCD screens, TV receivers from China, USA, Germany and . The first shipments under the agreements are to take place next months.



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