New Technologies. New Era. Delivery World on CEATAC JAPAN 2014


7 to 11 October Delivery World representatives attended CEATEC Japan 2014 (The Combined Exhibition of Advanced technologies). The show was held in Tokyo, the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun. The event is one of the largest in information technologies, electronics and computer equipment industry; every year it gathers the leading industry’s experts from all over the world under one roof, and makes significant contribution to innovative future creation. CEATEC is one of the best exhibitions of the world that unites IT industry professionals, and helps to rapidly spread international experience.

Lately CEATEC Japan also presents innovations in automobile building, health care, energy and agriculture. Yet, the latest technologies in IT and electronics aimed to show the future perspectives and opportunities of these industries remained the main subjects of the show. The exhibition space was divided into several sectors. The first sector was dedicated to the newest technologies that can be applied in the everyday life and society (Lifestyle & Society Stage): visualization, next generation radio communication; novelties in mobile communication for smartphones, security systems and “smart” home equipment. The second displayed key technologies in different spheres of life (Key Technology Stage): the latest digital gadgets, various power saving, power accumulating, and power generating technologies, auto spare parts, and various medical equipment complexes.

NEXT Innovation Plaza was the special display arranged in addition to the main exhibition. It presented next generation transportation, security systems, robots and robotic systems assisting disabled, software and much more.

Apart of exhibitions CEATEC Japan 2014 included various conferences, and presentations by the key industry leaders, that took part in event. The show ended with CEATEC AWARDS – the ceremony of granting awards for the outstanding developments in creating new product and service technologies.

Delivery World professionals attend CEATEC Japan every year to get acknowledged with the global achievements, and always changing computer technologies. Delivery World is ships electronics and computer equipment for more than 10 years.

For five days Delivery World’s representatives took active part in the diversified CEATEC Japan 2014 program. We held several meetings with our foreign customers that were present on the show, established new business relations with potential customers, and had already received several requests for international airfreight transportation of several rather large lots of the latest computer equipment, mobile phones, tablets, and medical equipment.

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