Precious Threads: Cashmere Shawls from Nepal


Cashmere is not alike any other material. It is unique gift of nature. It is often called “soft gold of Asia”, “precious thread” or “woolen diamond”. Softer than soft and warmer than warm it is always fashionable, sophisticated and reasonably expressive.

Cashmere is down (underwool) of mountain goat that lives in regions of China, India, Mongolia, Pakistan. It got its name from the region on the border of China and Pakistan called Cashmere. By right, this material is considered the rarest and the softest of all types of natural wool and down.

Light shawl, sweater, hat or jacket, any cashmere product will keep you warm even in the coldest days.

In the beginning of August Delivery World shipped lot of cashmere shawls from Nepal. Our regular customer is finalizing customs proceedings, and soon the delivered shawls will be available for sale .

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