Not Ordinary Cosmetics: Cosmetics by Airfreight from Toronto


Canada is recognized as the most educated country in the world. No doubt years-long immigration policy aimed to attracting foreign professionals, and mostly scientists to the country, that even had led to situation that the country suffered from lack of common labours, and urged to implement changes in the policy.

No surprise, that the cosmetics made by IT-specialist appeared in this country. Having worked for cosmetics producer in the USA, he got surprised that the new cream made by the company with the price of USD 1,000.He carefully studied the composition of the cream, and got stunned; the cost of the cream hardly exceeded USD 2, and USD 30 cream contained more expensive components. Later he sold his software developing company, and started cosmetics production business; by 2018 his company’s revenue reached USD 12 mln, and the outlets were located across the USA, the UK, and in Canada.

Not ordinary cosmetics with ordinary name (we do not advertise these products) became popular in together with other Canadian born cosmetics brands. Popular in Canada pharmaceutical cosmetics, sold in pharmacy, is well-known in too. And all is due to perfect correlation of reasonable price with exceptional quality.

In the end of April Delivery World shipped lot of Canadian cosmetics from Toronto . In the middle of spring the shipped goods get specific importance; that is why delivery happened to be urgent, and our customer is accomplishing customs processing with the same speed, so, that the Canadian cosmetics will be available for sale in n shops before May holidays start.

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