Difficulties or Opportunities? Visit to the 5th and China Forum “Business with China”


21 to 22 May Moscow hosted the 5th and China Forum “Business with China”. The event presents unique ground for meeting and communication between international trade market participants of and China. Annual Forum gathered under one roof expert sessions, exhibition booths, round tables and plenum meeting. The event gathered key international market players, experts, and professionals in international supplies industry, top managers of manufacturing and trade companies. Delivery World was represented by the Director of its Moscow Representative Office.

“Anti-crisis Strategies on the International Trade Market between and China” was the topic of the plenum meeting held on the first day of the forum. Today's economic difficulties - falling oil prices, decrease of investments from , and unfavorable geopolitical situation in whole, - China remains the key partner for . This cooperation brings amazing perspectives both for n economic development, and for increasing profitability of separate trade networks. n government plans to double goods turnover with China by 2020.

Still fruitful partnership requires effective cooperation. Now n-Chinese business relations are changing dramatically - from the last autumn the volume of Chinese export significantly fell approximately by 35-40%. Yet as one of the speakers mentioned, the import cannot disappear, as some of the goods imported from China are not produced in . By end of this summer the situation with import is expected to improve provided Ruble stabilization.

The ways to overcome the existing difficulties are seen in struggle for cost of goods, and optimization in view of finishing goods in for tax reduction. Entrepreneurs are more careful negotiating prices with Chinese partners. The opinion inviting to fully refuse from agencies in trade transactions with China was sounded on the Forum as well.

The exhibition program of the Forum allowed the visitors to get acknowledged with the offers in international logistics and customs brokerage, financial solutions for international economics participants, dealer offers from Chinese companies, and much more.

During two-day Forum the experts paid attention to the difficulties arising in cooperation between the two countries, solutions for it cooperation prospective and etc.Current economic situation gives no chance to relax, and required constant control and expertise at work. One may understand this time as the time of difficulties, and the other may see big opportunities, adjust, and see effective ways for development.

The visit to the Business with China Forum brought our representative several successful talks, new business contacts, and several contracts for delivery of cosmetics and furniture from China.


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