Precious Style: Brazilian Jewelry by Airfreight


Brazil is the 11th largest gold producer in the world according to 2019 data. It is also known as one of the its large deposits and mining of aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, topazes, rubies, quartz, citrines and other gem stones. All these led to rapid growth of Brazilian jewelry industry uring the past several years making Brazil supplier for the tope world’s jewelry manufacturers.

Also, the Brazilian Jewelry Industry is known all over the world for its unique fashion trends and designs. Innovative styles that incorporate Brazilian style and beauty are always launched during Annual Brazilian Fashion and Jewelry Fairs.

Brazil even has its own traditions related to gold. Unlike most of the world, the diamond ring does not always mean engagement, a lady receives ring as confirmation of formal relations, just to mark official being official couple, or there is a special costume jewelry designed for beach to match beach wear.

No doubt quality materials and unique designs make the Brazilian jewelry products safe form of Investment against Inflation and currency devaluation.

In the beginning of July Delivery World shipped lot of quality jewelry from Brazil. It is well known that not every carrier or forwarder is ready to undertake such shipments, some of the companies prohibit carriage of precious stones and metals, that is one of the reasons carriage of such cargos requires true expertise, perfectly established business processes, and ability to solve unsolvable. As always Delivery World succeeded on request, and exclusive jewelry with, unique and sophisticated shapes, perfectly processed colorful gemstones will soon be presented in the customer’s showroom.

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