Healthful Exotica: Delivering Butterfly Pea Tea from Bangkok



Nam dok anchan is Thai for pea flowers. It is dried flowers of the plant called Clitoria Ternatea, a kind of sweet pea, that is why in English it is called Blue Pea Tea or Butterfly Pea Tea.

Clitoria Ternatea is widely spread in South-West Asia. Blue tea is collected only in th early mornings before the sun will start burning the leaves of the plants. For Blue Tea only the buttons with the first three leaves are collected, dried till light damping condition, acidified and left to finish drying.

The brew has bright blue color just like the flowers of clitoria. The flowers of clitoria are used not only for tea, but rather often as natural color for food and fabrics.

The color of the tea is light blue, and it becomes violet if lemon is added, and its aroma resembles the smell of sunflower seeds. It tastes peas and somehow iodine, yet its aftertaste is lengthy, sweet and refreshing.

Blue tea possesses sedative and uretic properties, enhances blood-flow, and helps tolerating the heat. It has positive effect on vision helping to clean eye vessels, cleans blood and strengthens sides of the vessels, helps to relieve stress and tiredness, enhances memory, soothes skin and makes it smooth and soft.

Thai Blue Tea is very helpful in improving immune system, normalizing metabloizm and inner organs work, improving hair by making it grow faster, preventing hair fall, and even grey hair appearance.

This month Delivery World shipped consignment of Blue Tea from Bangkok to Bratislava by airfreight, which made us learn more about this magic drink, and hopefully will make you want to taste this tea that is so highly valued by Thailand visitors from all over the world, and will be shortly available in Bratislava shops and cafes.

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