A valuable gift for the lover: delivery of car by air from UAE to Italy


photo3_ed_i.jpgWho said that there is no importance what the gift is but the attention only? As psychologists affirm, both the gift and the way of presenting are important. And the more generous and creative they are, the higher appreciation of your attention you can expect.
In the beginning of October, our company shipped by air cabriolet Bentley Continental GTC V8 of 2013 year model range. Delivery of the valuable vehicles is one of the key specializations of Delivery World. On a regular basis, we forward by air freight private cars of wealthy customers for their foreign business trips. However, this shipment was not caused by business needs of our customer or his willing to travel by his own comfortable auto during his vacations abroad. This luxury car was the gift, which was presented by the husband who has been attended UAE due to business cases to his wife who stayed in Italy. In order to deliver the gift on time he chose air freight forwarding and addressed to our company according to the recommendations of our regular customers.
Our operation staff handled this shipment particularly carefully and even managed to receive the permission to make several photos on a cargo bay of air craft, what they have never done after delivery of cargo to airline. The airline staff met our needs and let us to make sure that the auto fixed tightly to the cargo bay and would be carried successfully. Cabriolet Bentley Continental GTC V8 arrived to airport of destination on time and was delivered to his new owner fully safe.
The auto before and after delivery by plane:
photo2_ed.jpg Bently1_ed.jpg
On a cargo bay. 
Bently_ed_i.jpg bentley_cargo_bay_ed.jpg 
Our company on a regular basis provides delivery of exclusive and expensive cars. In summer 2012, we delivered two cars by one shipment – Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce Phantom. We have already informed you about delivery of the exclusive BMW X5 tuned in studio Hamann Motorsport Gmbh. Also we told you about delivery of the most expensive street-legal car Bugatti Veyron; of one of the best and most expensive sedan in the world - Rolls Royce Phantom, and also about race cars Ferrari FioranoFerrari Enzo and Ferrari California. We were also requested to manage freight forwarding of Nissan Patrol from UAE to Tokyo tuning studio and exhibition version of Invader L60 to Geneva Motorshow.
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