Delivery of Projectors from UAE to Kazakhstan


Regularly, Delivery World is forwarding airfreight of consumer electronics to the different countries of the world. Delivery of electronic devices - from laptops and desktops, e-readers and handsets to projectors and industrial equipment - has the biggest share in total amount of Delivery World freights. We are entrusted by global vendors and the largest distributors of IT & Consumer Electronics.


In order to deliver electronic items, there are several conditions to be complied: a firm and shock-resistant package with penetration protection, in some cases - special temperature settings, and always - just-in-time delivery, because even a little delay can cause significant charges for our customers business. Sometimes it demands to use a reserve supply chain.


Air freight of projectors (produced by BenQ Corporation) had to be executed by direct flight from UAE to Kazakhstan without transit points. However, at the final stage of preparing cargo for delivery airfreighter claimed the backlog ("overwhelming" of the nearest flights) and proposed to postpone it. Delivery World logistic employees have found another solution accepted by our customer. There were the best prices and speed of delivery though with one transit point - in Istanbul, Turkey. The cargo arrived to the point of destination on time.

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