The Best Cargo: Delivering Belgian Chocolate from Brussels


46a57cd11136a5cb6846a7b9be475bb2.jpgBelgian chocolate by right is considered the best chocolate in the world. Chocolate appeared in Belgium after it became popular in other European states in the middle of the 18th century.

At that time, hot drink with spices was considered nearly remedy in the country. Chocolate was mostly used by the warriors as it was believed to give them strength before campaign. At first chocolate was made by the pharmacists, as it was used to cure several diseases.

In the end of the 19th century, the first confessionary opened in Europe. Its owner constantly worked on perfection of the chocolate’s properties. His son succeeded addiction to chocolate, and in 1912 he created first chocolate with praline stuffing, that gained love all over the world at once.

Despite many tastes, types, kinds of stuffing, taste additives, and technical progress, most of the Belgian chocolate is handmade till today based on the centuries old recipes, and using only natural cacao and cacao butter. That is why Belgian chocolate has exceptional taste and aroma, and exclusive packaging makes it the best and the most wanted chocolate in the world.

In the mid of October Delivery World shipped lot of the Belgium chocolate from Brussels . Transportation of this kind of cargos requires strict compliance with temperature requirements on each stage of the carriage, as even minor temperature fluctuations may lead to loss of the cargo. The chocolate is already in Moscow, and shortly it will bring happiness to the chocolate lovers of the n capital.

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