Perspectives from Barcelona: Delivery World on SIL 2017



6 to 8 June Barcelona's Exhibition Center Fira Barselona hosted the International Specialized Logistics Show SIL 2017. Delivery World's representatives were glad to attend thisevent.

SIL is the largest international event in logistics and cargo delivery by different means of transportation: road, rail, sea and air. It is held every year starting from 1999, and is organized by Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona.

The exhibition participants include experts from Europe, Mediterranean, Latin America and South-West Asia that arrive to Barcelona every year.The organizers pay great attention to participants of the show, for this purpose the logistics leaders always receive business invitations to attend the exhibition in advance.

The exhibition includes all logistics sectors, its popularity keeps growing, and the number of participants and visitors increases every year.

SIL 2017 included the following topics: transportation and logistics systems, infrastructure for road, air, rail, and sea transport; postage; logistic platforms; ports and cargo carriage; state establishment and industrial associations. Special attention has been given to telecommunications and IT solutions, namely to systems for data processing, identification, encoding and labeling, e-commerce and e-business systems, transportation control and data processing equipment, locating and navigation systems, ITMS, and researches and developments.

Warehousing and equipment and materials for loading and unloading works, warehousing equipment and furniture, pallets, containers, packaging and wrapping were displayed on the show as well.

The exhibition touched upon so many important aspects in logistics and cargo transportation, that the number of visitors was incredibly high compared to the previous SIL. Delivery World's representatives received many new information, attended several seminars, met new partners, and entered into several preliminary agreements. No doubt, Delivery World will be among the guests of SIL next year.

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