Arabian hub: attending Trans Middle East Expo 2012 in Bahrain


The representatives of Delivery World attended the 8th exhibition and forum Trans Middle East Expo 2012 which took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 20-21 of November. It is an annual event but is holding every year on a new territory of one of Gulf States. The Kingdom Bahrain hosted the event for the second time and prepared to it properly. Within 3 years after the previous event – the 5th Trans Middle East Expo – the Kingdom's authorities strengthened logistic facilities of Bahrain and presented this time the newest transportation Gulf hub which is serving the cargo traffic of the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Within 2 days we studied new possibilities and new players of the Middle East logistic market which is strategic region for our company. We are specializing on the air freight forwarding from Middle East countries more than 10 years. We have accumulated experience of cooperating with the largest companies of oil and gas industry, government sector, manufacturing and commercial firms; our company has forwarded large volume of different types of cargo. That is why it is so important for us to have a keen sense of the most rapidly developing transportation market and find out new points of growth.
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