Timeless Automobiles: Auto Spare Parts from Korea


Global automobile industry is about to face big changes; appearing hybrid and electric automobiles – the cars utilizing inexhaustible energy sources marked the commencement of the new era in automobile industry. The experts say, that global automobile brands in the nearest future will have to go through serious restructuration of forces, business model adjustment, and intensive research for answering the key technological issues. The best growth perspectives are expected with Asian automobile manufacturers involved in the latest developments in this area, including South Korea and China.

Korean automobile industry is relatively young, the cars from this Asian country appeared on the world market only couple decades ago. For this short term Korean automobiles became extremely popular among drivers, including its popularity in , due to price and quality correlation. At most, modern Korean automobile is the economy class car, yet equipped with the devices that are important for comfort, such as air conditioner, and automatic gear. It is relatively low price, together with rather good quality, that allowed South Korea to get globally recognized automobile producer.

Today Korean automobile industry is ranked 6th among all other giants of the industry. Even in , where the crisis is especially strong in the automobile market, Korean brands keep their positions. Thus, regardless general decrease in sales in in the end of last year for over 40%, Korean brands could retain the demand for its products on the level of the first half of 2015.

This month Delivery World the leading freight forwarder on the international logistics market performed airfreight delivery of automobile spare parts from South Korea . The shipment was performed within the shortest timelines, and shortly the delivered goods will be available at dealer centers of Korean automobile brands in .

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