Weidmannsheil! Hunting Guns and Patrons from Austria


Austrian hunting traditions did not change much through years of its existence. For example, a hunter should despite of the weather be dressed in shorts and hat, and even use special language for communication.

Once hunter gets a trophy, two small branches are cut from a nearest tree. One branch is put into animal’s mouth representing its last food, and second one is soaked in its blood and handled to a hunter. “Weidmannsheil” serves both as special greeting and as congratulation with successful hunt; it is what is said when the second branch is placed in special loop on the right side of the hunter’s hat. That is why till recent hunters were nothing else, but hats, nevertheless, even many modern headwear designated for hunting is equipped with this loop on the right.

In the end of September Delivery World shipped lot of Austrian hunting guns from Austria . Our regular customer is completing customs processing of the cargo that safely arrived in the mid of autumn hunting season, and who knows maybe “Weidmannsheil!” will sound for you this autumn.

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