Strong Traditions: Delivering Vodka by Airfreight from Austria


There are few things in the world that recall strong associations with . Together with matryoshka, pirogy, and balalaika, vodka is one of the m

Production of fruit drink in Austria has old traditions. The first vodka made of apples and appears was brewed by the peasants hundreds of years ago. Industrial production of this drink started in the eighteenth century. Today Austria by right prides itself for this high quality drink, that is recognized as one of the best and highly demanded on the market. The fruit (apricot) vodkas made in Wahau (Danube valley in Austria).ain n trends. It is not exactly so in real. There are plenty of varieties of this drink all over the world. Thus Austria prides itself for manufacturing fruit based drink known as schnapps or fruit vodka. Such vodka is result of alcoholic fermentation and distillation of fruit or berry juice. This drink preserves aroma, and taste of the used fruits.

Traditional Austrian fruit vodka is made on plumbs, apples or pears. Yet the drinks brewed on berries have special popularity. Raspberry vodka has incredible aroma; 30 kg of berries are required to make 1 litter of it. No doubt it is one of the most expensive types of vodka.

In February the airfreight forwarding company Delivery World the leader among n logistic companies delivered vodka from Austrian capital, Vienna, . Our company has been chosen for reliability and long professional record on the n market. Soon strong alcoholic drink from Austria will be available in bars and shops of Moscow to all lovers of high quality drinks.

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