Oriental Beauty Secrets: Delivering Cosmetic Oils from Delhi


Argan oil is the most expensive and the most rich cosmetic oil in the world. It is made of the seeds of Argan tree that grows in the south of Morocco and can be also found in Algeria. 30 kgs of seeds are required to produce liter of this oil, therefore it is rather expensive.

The demand for Argan oil in the world keeps growing regardless its price. Several years ago nearly magic properties of Argan oil got noticed by the leading cosmetics producers, that started to purchase more and more of this product. Today it can be found as a component of the best creams, lotions, and shampoos. Argan oil includes various acids, Vitamin E (much more then in Olive oil), and substances that are vital for human skin.

Argan oil possesses pharmaceutical properties (it is used to cure and to support digestion and cardio-vascular systems), it used for cooking in Morocco, but its cosmetic properties are nearly miraculous. Argan oil is used to treat skin allergies for babies, teenage acne, scars, it nourishes the skin, fills small wrinkles, makes skin look fresh and healthy, prevents appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, and restores hair color and makes it shine, and removes dandruff.

Another famous oil with multiple useful properties is Amla oil. It is rich in Vitamin C. Special formula ensures deep penetration of natural elements and vitamins it contains. Amla oil nourishes head skin and hair bulbs even of the very damaged hair. It restores damaged and weak hair, making it smooth and silky, stimulates hair growth, prevents early appearance of the white hair, restores natural beauty and health. Amla oil also prevents and repairs hair splitting, normalizes fat secretion, and removes itching. It is perfect natural hair conditioner, that makes hair smooth, shiny and gives it volume. The results are seen immediately after first application.

Amla is widely used in cosmetology. Amla extracts and oil are added to body and facial creams, cleansers, masks, milks, gels, and in anti-age cosmetic complexes. Nevertheless, it is mostly used in hair care products.

In the middle of March Delivery World shipped lot of the quality Argan and Amla oils from Delhi . Our customer is finalizing customs procedures, and shortly the shipped oils will be available for sale in the shops of the n capital

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