Thousand and One Scents: Perfumes by Airfreight from the UAE


Perfume is a word that is derived from Latin and means "through the smoke" (per fumus). That is, the ancient Romans used perfume. In fact, it is clear that the Ancient Egyptians also used perfume, while a cuneiform tablet, dating from the second millennium B.C., mentions one Tapputi in Mesopotamia who was a perfume maker.

It is known that perfume was used in the Indus civilization (3300-1300 B.C.). Perfume is mentioned in ancient texts as being for "royal personages." That is, perfumes from the very start were a luxury item.

Early Christian societies were familiar with perfumes, however, use was restricted to priests who were to use the scented liquid in religious ceremonies.

With the advent of Islam some innovations came into the production of perfume. Muslim scholars/scientists developed a method of extracting the fragrance of substances through steam distillation. Also, new raw materials were introduced by Islamic civilization.

Perfumes were part of daily life in the Islamic world. The scents were derived from flowers (mainly rose and jasmine), ambergris and musk. Imported orange trees provided orange blossom and citrus scents as well.

Today the UAE is one of the world’s leading producers of luxury and most desired perfumes. Most of the Emirati perfumes contain oud making scent unique and remarkable.

In the beginning of June Delivery World shipped lot of perfumes from Dubai. Fragile cargo requiring careful handling can only be entrusted to the partner with unlimited trust. Years of experience in delivering any types of cargos across the world make cooperation with Delivery World the best guarantee that everything you ship will always reach destination safely and in time.

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