Asian Route: Apparel from India


History repeats itself and it is no different for fashion! Indian fashion is as ancient as the human civilization with a mix of regional, cultural and historical influences. The fashion in India or anywhere else in the world always repeats itself in a decade or two bringing neoteric twists to the current fashion. Today influence of the world of fashion so much so that it has become as essential as food and water.

Fashion started showing its colors from the times of ancient India . There is some evidence of Indus Valley Civilization or Harappa civilization indicating the use of woven cotton fabric. Flax plant was grown to obtain the fibers of plants and silkworms were cultivated for silk. The priest-kings wore a robe over their shoulders and men wore turban draped over the head. The style of women’s clothing included knee-length skirts with jewelry like bangles, earrings, and beaded necklaces. Even men wore jewelry and all this data is as per the figurines obtained from excavations.

In the beginning of April Delivery World shipped lot of apparel from India. Our expertise and experience are always at our customers’ service, ensuring that even toughest timelines and the most complex routes will never hinder timely and safe delivery of any types of cargos.

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