Dangerous, but saving lives: delivery of antibiotics from England


Not long ago, our company has organized air delivery of medicine cargo from England upon request of our regular customer – the distributor company of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. All medicines are broad-spectrum antibiotics and are certified according to requirements of n Ministry of Healthcare. A part of this cargo, as the customer informed us, was intended for n Red Cross. 
But in spite of its good purpose these medicines are dangerous substances of class 6.1 according to IATA classification, and must be delivered under the regulations of dangerous goods transportation.
The general requirements in delivery of dangerous goods of this class are to keep exact temperature conditions. For example, such antibiotics as Vancomicin, Ampicillin etc. must be transported in environment with temperature not more than +2C and not less than -8C. That’s why the cargo was transported in special air containers with environmental control and special package. This dangerous, but life-saving cargo was delivered within one day and safely.

We have already informed you about delivery of dangerous goods from Japan and England, and also of delivery medical equipment and samples of medical production from the USA.

Delivery World offers to the customers and partners a turn-key solution of air freight forwarding from England.
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