AirbridgeCargo Introduces Terminal Handling Surcharge in Sheremet’yevo-1


AirbridgeCargo introduces Terminal Handling Surcharge (FEC) in amount of USD 0.21 per kg for SVO-1 shipments (VAT not applied) at origin, wherein the consignee will not pay any terminal charges to pick up the shipments at SVO-1. In terms of quality level, the following steps are emplaced:

  • -Time of cargo availability is reduced to 480 min after flight arrival and will be under strict control of AirbridgeCargo;
  • -3 days free storage period;
  • -United Center for Electronic Customs Declaration is available at Moscow Cargo Terminal to speed up the clearance.

For cargo arriving at SVO-2 the conditions of terminal charges remain unchanged. However, for the cargo delivery from SVO-1 (aircraft parking area) to SVO-2, AirbridgeCargo Transfer Surcharge in amount of USD 0.06 per kg.

The above-mentioned charges are applicable to gross-weight and should be stated in Air Waybill in “Other Charges” due to carrier.




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