Snowfall Leads to Disruptions in AirBridgeCargo Schedule


On February 8 Sergey Lazarev, General Director of the AirBridgeCargo apologized and notified on disruptions in the work of the company caused by enormous snowfall in Moscow. According to local meteorological service the total depth of snow that fall over the reached 62 cm which equates to the total snow that felt over the whole February in the past year. The snowfall turned to be the largest in the past 100 years.

Such weather conditions led to lack of slots and manpower in Moscow Sheremet'yevo and Domodedovo Airports, and, negatively affected the airline's schedule leading to cancellation and delays.

According to the notice received from AirBridgeCargo, the company applies all efforts to repair the problems, and the normal schedule will be in force from February 14.


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