Air Cargo Africa – 2013: productive trip


Air%20Cargo%20Africa.jpgIn the period from 20 to 22 of February, 2013, Delivery World’s representatives were visitng the hottest continent of the world for the exhibition and forum Air Cargo Africa - 2013, which was for the first time held in the capital of Republic of South Africa - Johannesburg. Air freight forwarding from Africa is one of the key specializations of our company. On a regular basis we forward from the countries of African continent a variety of goods such as clothes, home furnishings, live animals, etc. So this event was of particular value for our company.

According to industry experts, over the past few years the volume of air freight, for example, from Asia to Africa was doubled. According to our own researches, there is an opposite trend: the volume of air freight traffic from Africa to other continents was also increased significantly. We have made this trip in order to study the prospects of business development in this area and have talks with new market players and potential partners.

After all, our visit to the Air Cargo Africa - 2013 was successful, constructive and productive.

You can learn more about our solution of air freight forwarding from the African states here.

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