Delivery World On The International Logistics Arena: Air Cargo Americas-2013 Exhibition


6 to 8 November Miami (USA) hosted the (annual) exhibition and conference AIR CARGO AMERICAS* which is one of the largest shows in air transportation industry.

From 6 to 8 November in Miami (USA) was held one of the largest shows in air transportation - the annual exhibition and conference AIR CARGO AMERICAS*. This year the participants of the conference raised important questions related to regulatory processes, legislative initiatives, technological innovations, educational programs, safety requirements and environmental problems.

Extensively discussed main issues of the conference were: what are the new opportunities existing in America; the ways to improve safety of goods transportation; the ways for risk reduction ; ways to fight with criminal activities such as theft, fraud, embezzlement and loss of cargo. The discussed issues were made public on the event promoter's web-site.

Delivery World, which is a fundamentally new company with clear established business processes, attended the event. Delivery World's representative says: "We are open for cooperation with the new partners in the field of international air transportation. We follow the current trends in trade, supply chains and transportation of cargo. The reason we are here is that it is not that easy to occupy a leading position in the market (better to say "to become the leader on the market / one of the leaders on the market)

The participants of the public discussion gave the benefit of experience for improvement and expansion of the projects that can bring benefit and stimulate growth of trade with America.



* Aviation leaders established this conference in 1991 to exchange views, develop and propose new strategies to increase the number of air transportations in America.

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