Get Ready for Harvesting in Summer: Delivery of Spare Parts for Agricultural Machines by Airfreight


Even in the mid of summer the farmers get ready to fall harvesting. Regardless rather cold beginning of summer, the experts expect good vegetable and cereal harvest this year. One cannot imagine modern harvesting without agricultural machines: harvesters, tractors, hay press, reapers, and etc.

Agricultural machines are one of the most revolutionary achievements of the modern techniques. Once appeared, this machines change the way of work and food production all over the world, having outstanding global impact on the growth of the population of Earth. Today 2% of population engaged in agriculture are equipped with the latest machinery, and are able to produce more food than the remaining 98% can consume.

Agricultural machines are aimed to process soil, plant seeds, introduce chemicals stimulated growth of plants and help fighting blasts, and are used for harvesting and storing grown plants. Agricultural technique varies, but in general, all its types are the combination of transmissions, chains, belts, knives, shaking units, and etc. assembled to solve specific tasks.

In July Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of spare parts for agricultural machines from Toronto (Canada) to Moscow. Canadian manufacturers are among recognized leaders in production of specialized agricultural equipment. Canadian products are known for its utmost quality and modern technologies application. As soon as the fall comes you will be able to enjoy the harvest collected from the n fields using Canadian technologies.

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