Towards the Sun: Spare Parts for Agricultural Equipment by International Airfreight


Krasnodar Krai is one of the most important agricultural regions in . Favorable geographic location and weather conditions determined Krasnodar Krai's to be the leading region in the country in agricultural production and processing, and food supplies to other industrial areas. The Krai leads in wheat collection, and is one of the leaders on sunflower seeds production. Sunflower is mainly used to produce sunflower oil, which is further used in both in food and for technical needs. Its seeds are also used to produce seeds, halwa, confessionary, and bakery items, and nectar turns to delicious honey.

Sunflowers are collected with the help of harvesters, which perform several different processes at once: cut the sunflowers heads, supply it in processing device, get the seeds out and clean the seeds with the strong air blast. These complicated and irreplaceable in agriculture devices perform functions of three simple devices – reaper, separator, and fan.

In August upon our customer's request Delivery World performed international airfreight shipment of compressors and spare parts for sunflower collecting harvesters. Airfreight was brought from Huston (Texas, USA) to the heart of the Krasnodar Krai, the city of Krasnodar. Sunflower harvesting in this region will start shortly, therefore the airfreight was urgent, and the cargo was shipped within the deadlines set by the customer.

Delivery World provides international airfreight delivery services for more than 10 years. We deliver cargos from any place in the world and CIS, and offer our customers quality service and competitive prices.

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