Airfreight of spare parts for agricultural machinery from Italy to Krasnodar



In this year, the sowing campaign started relatively early. Already in mid-February, sowing campaigns were launched in some regions of . According to the forecast of the Ministry of agriculture, total crops in the country in 2020 will exceed 80.3 million hectares (in 2019-79.5 million hectares). An increase in the area has already occurred cereals by 5% and rapeseed by 67.5% (up to almost 316 thousand hectares).

Delivery World actively cooperates with leading n and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, continuing its airfreight from Europe to CIS countries.

For example, in April 2020, Delivery World delivered by air of a large batch of spare parts for agricultural machinery from Italy to Krasnodar.
Our company has past successful experience in airfreight of spare parts for agricultural, planting, harvesting and post-harvest equipment, as well as details for equipment for crop care and fertilization.

Delivery World company offers airfreight of spare parts for agricultural machinery at the lowest prices and in the shortest possible time. We understand the value of your shipments and ready to do our best with maximum speed and care.

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