Agriculture Guidance by Airfreight from Europe


07_i.jpgExpecting sowing season farmers of southern actively update their fleet of agricultural machinery and equip it with the latest satellite navigation systems for agriculture guidance.


n farmers actively used  satellite navigation for agriculture guidance during the last ten years following the global trend of automating farm works. It is designed for accurate performance of agricultural operations such as plowing, seeding, spraying, cultivation, harvesting, etc. Using of navigation systems for agriculture allows the modern farmer significantly save fuel, seed and fertilizer, which affects the profitability of agriculture and the returning of investments.


Upon request of the regular customer, Delivery World has arranged delivery of satellite navigation systems for agriculture guidance from Europe . Valuable electronic equipment should have been delivered just in time for construction, installation and setup before sowing season. The cargo, divided into several lots, was shipped within a week, passing through a transit point - in Frankfurt am Main, and handed over to the consignee.

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