All for the extreme filming: air delivery of helmet cameras from Hong Kong to Warsaw


helm-camera.jpgAt the end of July, our company has delivered from Hong Kong to Warsaw by air large shipment of special digital cameras for action filming with fixing systems for operators’ helmets. Air freight forwarding was performed upon request of our regular customer – one of the oldest which used our services for more than 6 years.  
We should mention that photo and video digital equipment, accessories, and flash memory are the goods most frequently transported by air. The speed of reaching the end-user is the key point for distribution of these kinds of goods. Even the week of delay can reduce the price twice and lower the revenue of the sales, because these goods can quickly become out-of-date.
To organize the air freight forwarding of this shipment took 2 days since the moment of receiving the customer’s request for pick-up the cargo from consignor in Hong Kong and further transportation it to Warsaw. 
You can learn more about our solution for air delivery of Consumer Electronics and High-Tech products here.
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