Acids Differs. Delivering Acid Samples from China by Airfreight


In the mid of July Delivery World performed international airfreight delivery of acid samples from Beijing (China) . This cargo is considered dangerous, therefore its transportation required special packaging, compliance to strict weather conditions, and careful handling.

The delivered samples (60l) will be used for developing new chemical products, and for adding new properties and qualities to materials. Monoalkilariysulphoid acid and dialkilarysulphoid acid will be used to prepare solutions for adding crease-resistance properties to textiles made of artificial silk, linen, wool, cotton, viscose, mixed fiber, and wool (both real and artificial). Processing technology is as follows: the materials are processed, and soaked in reagents, then dried in 60-100° C, and heated under 130-170° C for 5 to 15 minutes. Crease-resistance properties also increase flexibility and elastic properties of the textiles, which is among the most importance targets in textile industry. Development of new technologies in this sphere does not stop.

We delivered another, alkysalicilyc acid as well, and it will be used in medicine for developing external pharmaceutical items to be used for skin diseases treatments, as well as for internal usage, for development of anti febrile, anti rheumatic, and anti inflammatory and pain killing medicines. The special type of acids will be used for developing new anti TB product.

Delivery World professionals are ready to accept any request for international airfreight transportation, regardless its complicity, and type of the transported cargo. Our solid experience and expertise allow us to solve any issues that may arise in course of transportation. Delivery World will bring your cargos or CIS safely and just in time.

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